Rex Mcnish


Rex E. Mcnish Jr. - 360-229-1059

Interested in building environmental artist skills with a company that produces high quality end user software. I pride myself on my ability to work in a diverse work atmosphere. Through self study and a passion for 3D modeling, texturing and level design I have developed my skills for a junior level position that would allow me to generate robust worlds that would have a positive impact on the end user's experience.

Work Experience:

Sucker Punch Productions: 9/10/2012 - 8/16/2013 (11 months)

Contract Environment Artist - inFAMOUS: Second Son

I was hired to create vegetation for the entire duration of my contract. I propagated a lot of vegetation as well, creating interesting foliage arrangements for run-down areas. I then moved onto more general prop work, general modeling fixes, and did texture blending on assets such as streets and sidewalks.

I learned a lot about what is needed for the successful creation of a AAA title, such as texture and model memory budgets, creating LoD's for objects to lower vertex counts on models while maintaining silhouette, and the collaborative atmosphere that is necessary for a strong art team.

Confidential Company - 6/10
(Cannot disclose name due to contract)

Worked remotely for a company based out of Orlando, Florida that supports CryENGINE® licensees in the serious game and simulation market space. A Sr. Technical Artist viewed my portfolio online and contacted me for 3D modeling and texturing development. This was a short contract but it gave me real world experience on how to work with ambiguous direction and allowed me to deliver a set of high quality vegetation models.


-Modeling based on supplied and researched references
-Texture creation based on same references, texture clean-up
-Unwrapping, exporting models from 3D app into CryENGINE 2® game engine
-Use of Sandbox 2 - Autodesk Softimage/XSI - Photoshop CS3

Lead Level Designer at Space Cowboys Studio - 6/09-8/09

Through an online forum several volunteers looked to me for leadership with 3D modeling/Texturing for level design on a project. This volunteer position taught me valuable lessons on how to influence other developers without any authority over them. I overlooked the level design department of the Petrograd game project. The original project manager is now the CEO of his own company under the same name for a wide array of games.


-Creating game-ready vegetation assets
-Setting up view distances
-Assigning tasks to Level Designers
-Use of Sandbox 2 - Autodesk Softimage/XSI - Photoshop CS3

Lead Game Designer at Koru Entertainment - 11/08-5/09

For personal career development I worked with a small group of developers to generate a 1st Person Shooter game on our own independently developed game engine. Due to the popularity the group grew to 25 volunteers which I oversaw. Although everyone involved was vested in this our project's lead programmer had lost access to his files through a hard drive crash so it was halted. This taught me a valuable lesson about back-ups and the importance on documentation for everyone involved.


-Quality Assurance
-Created game documents (Game Design Document)
-Managing all volunteers
-Use of Autodesk Softimage/XSI - Photoshop CS3
-Use of Indie game engine/editor created by Nate Orr


-Basic prop modeling, including UV unwrapping and texturing
-3D Vegetation modeling using no foliage generators (grass, bushes, trees, and more)
-Creating believable, complex natural environments
-Optimizing scenes for performance and quality (Occlusion proxies, intelligent level design)
-Making LoD's (level of detail) so models shift to lower complexity the further you get from them

Program Knowledge:

-Autodesk Softimage ( formerly XSI)
-Autodesk 3Ds Max (3D Studio Max)
-Autodesk Maya
-Sandbox Editor for Cryengine 3 SDK
-Shader Map Pro
-Autodesk Mudbox
-Pixologic Zbrush
-Adobe Photoshop CS5


-Using digital technology to immerse people in environments that I crafted
-Gaming (1st person shooters/real time strategy)
-Challenges of transforming reality to digital
-Composing music and playing guitar
-Riding motorcycles


  • Foliage
  • Environment Art


  • Maya
  • Zbrush
  • Shader Map Pro
  • Autodesk Softimage
  • CryEngine 3 Editor
  • Photoshop CS3
  • Mudbox
  • 3D Studio Max